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pastal the painted cat :iconsqueatie:squeatie 2 1 Project Rainbow rights :iconsqueatie:squeatie 3 0
The world we live in
Our world isn’t perfect
we live in a world of war and hate
peace is never to come

i wish others knew
for me a kid that no one will listen to
i would just ignore all  hatred and  forget

i can’t just watch our world die
our world was made for us all
not just for one

the people
are all made


yet everyone dies
we aren’t the smartest creatures

all animals are made equal
just like

everyone think that killing is the only way
but if you continue peace will never come again

when the world was young we were friends until
:iconsqueatie:squeatie 0 2
Elizabeth the chritmas ornament :iconsqueatie:squeatie 0 0
when I was a kid
When I was a kid...
I could remember being softer than how I am now.
To always give a genuine smile even at the darkest times.
When I was a kid
People would look at my smile and ask...
what the hell is wrong with you.
When I was a kid
I would go outside and play with the younger children
Because they were more kind than those of my age
Now if I go outside they will ask
Who are you?
Like I am a stranger.
Even my best friend doesn't remember my face.
The one I use to play with all the time
The one who looked up to me.
Doesn't even remember my name.
But her older sister does
Because I see her at my school
But soon she will forget too
When i was a kid
The students in my grade despised my existence
They would encourage newer students of the same grade
To kick a ball at me.
And make it look like an accident
When I was a kid
It was either find a way to hide inside or to stay still so no one can see me
When I was a kid
I would look up at the sky and wished I can fly
But my wings, the so
:iconsqueatie:squeatie 0 0
flare the fire sprite :iconsqueatie:squeatie 3 0 happy late valentine's day :iconsqueatie:squeatie 1 0 Clara 'neon shi' :iconsqueatie:squeatie 0 0 Alice concept art :iconsqueatie:squeatie 1 0 requested by paper--plate :iconsqueatie:squeatie 0 3 kagamine len fan art :iconsqueatie:squeatie 2 0 little bun buns :iconsqueatie:squeatie 0 0 willes drawing on da-muro :iconsqueatie:squeatie 0 0 Mathew's pet cat alyssa :iconsqueatie:squeatie 0 0 Savdraws Stream progress report :iconsqueatie:squeatie 5 0 Mathew (new oc) :iconsqueatie:squeatie 1 0



the head seems to be a bit too big for the body and the tail looks like its in between the legs which if the person was walking it woul...


character commissions
ill draw your character if you want. just show me a picture and ill draw it
ok so i was redrawing an old drawing i did in 2015-2016 and it was a flame person so i decided to make it a species but how i redrew it it looks like a fire sprite and this type of fire sprite is my own original thingy that i thought up of so lemme tell you about them.

so the fire sprites class depends on their color
  1. purple is the royal, rare (since there is only one thats that color. this type is hard to befriend if you are any other species due to their size. the current purple sprite is a mauve. rose bengal, and violet ash mix.)
  2. blue is the noble upper class (these types of fire sprite are usually seen at knights to protect the purple sprite or were born as a blue flame. they love to entertain humans and animals when they can but only as distraction for other sprites to run away. you can sometimes find these in the midnight sky or even the day time. these blue sprite vary from each shade of blue)
  3. yellows are the servants (since there are so many but not as many as green. yellows can also be commoners but only if the sprite they served has past on and had not been reborn yet. they are also seen as fireflies to the human eyes from far away distances due to their similar color. their yellows also vary) 
  4. green are the peasant/commoners (these also act as warriors and farmers((ill get into that at a later point)) some can be servants .for example instead of the purple fire sprite having yellow sprites they have green. green sprite are more dependable and sympathetic due to the hardships they go through to make more fires without harming anyone or thing except for the wood they have to gather)
fire sprite have an ability to make themselves into human sized sprite. how they do this (well the purple one and her servants only do it to interact with humans) is by combining their body while one sprite controls the being at full will acting as the mind and the human sized sprite will take the color of the one in control. now the fire sprites dont only turn into a human sized sprite, it just depends on how many fire sprite contributes. another thing is that fire sprites are able to move fire from one place to another by carrying it. it usually depend on how big the fire is, on how many fire sprites are needed to move the fire. sometimes when a fire breaks out in a village, some fire sprites carry the fire away before it does more damage. even though they dont have wings they are able to fly.and despite being made of fire they do not burn humans unless necessary 

now for their appearance. they are made fully of fire. they have a physical humanish form. but they still have flames coming from their body. no matter what the flames always go up toward the sky like a normal fire. their eyes are like a dragonfly and a spiders yet acts like humans. they do not produce smoke from their body though being made out of fire.

how a fire sprite is born/reborn is different than what you think. even though they have genders thats only for pleasure and not reproduction. fire sprites come to be by having a fire burn on flowers such as roses,poppies,daisies, lilies (not the water lilies) and etc. there is a rare chance that a fire sprite will be born in a human made fire with only wood but thats a 13/100 chance. how fire sprites are reborn is that when a sprite is about to die other fire sprites have a ceremony (hence why the green sprites are framers and collect wood) where a fire is made and the dying sprite(s) lay in the fire when its about to die into ash and become ash as well there is a 94% chance where the dead sprites are reborn as baby sprites. the fire sprite when reborn have no memory of their past but keeps the color of their past life and preform the task as the previous life.

now its time for the baby sprite appearance. now read carefully this is important if you make a fire sprite as a baby! baby fire sprites are like little fire specks that a fire sprite can hold in the palm of their hand and clench their hand into a fist without hurting the baby. there is weird dark red aura around them to make them noticeable. they cant see anything until their 50th year in their life span but that is only for a short range. they will grow every 50yrs until their 150th yr in which they are in the stage of a toddler. 

now the life span of a fire sprite is over 10000 years depending on health. for example the purple sprite is treated like a queen/king depending on gender and is given only the richest of things and live a long time, whereas the green fire sprites have to over work themselves and ends up barely reaching the 1900 year mark. though you already know by 150 year they are at the toddler stage this is true and when they fully develop they are at the age of 537yrs.

thats all i got for now if you have any questions leave a comment and ill tell you more about them
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i love drawing, painting and crafts ^^, im a inspiring artist, im not that good yet but im doing my best, feel free to criticize i need some to help with my art


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help me get a 3 month core thingy... idk why but it'll let me post more art at once so please donate

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umm hey guys do remember that i got commission thing up and running for 10 points each and im getting better at my digital art so maybe ill do them digitally but you can decide which one you want traditional or digital
i guess ima do it as a status update but please put your drawing request here!!! because i dont know what to draw anymore and i have too much free time in life!
hey everyone just wanna tell you guys i go by either these three formally if you wanna note me for request and now i will take request depending what it is but anyways here are the names
1. squeatie
2. silver the squeatie
3. silver heart

those are just the names i love being called, you can call me any other nickname or name if you want but to ask for a request id appreciate it if you use one of those three. oh and im making request free now. but the thing with requests is that if want one please note me on a journal ill make saying "please request here"  or something like that. if you note me i wont see that for awhile, just to let you guys know that, and this has been a status update with silver the squeatie, bye bye!
Hey guys I'm just here to say hi and I'll try to post almost, very close to daily ok? Ok

Bye bye


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